This article by Mark Seitz lists his favorite sequences of all time. Take a look and see if you agree. In the comments, you can add your own favorites.


4 comments on “THE PERFECT MONTAGE

  1. It was really interesting to see his personal favourite montages and finding most of the montages I thought which are my favourites are already in the list! (New Cinema Paradiso “kiss scene” & Up opening montage&best of all wedding/baptism sequence in “The Godfather”!!!)

    Besides those,my other favourites are to be “Shall we dance” sequence from musical Movie ” King and I” (1950s) and Final sequence of “Sleepless In Seatle” where Sam and Annie meet at the top of Empire State Building. Both are cliche,but timelessly romantic and gives me chill every time I watch that sequences on youtube. And what I like about both is that they do not include any melodramatic nor passionate kissing or hugging which can be seen in most of the romantic movies,yet still it makes the sequence even more breathe taking,exciting&romantic than those.

  2. Honestly, I only recognize the montage from Up, which I really like.

    Having said that, one of my favorite montages is the one in School of Rock:

    • nice choice Nafis! I LOVED THE MONTAGE IN UP – the beginning when he met the girl he married. bloody hell – i cried man when she passed away. UP’s montage in the beginning is definitely number one in my list!

  3. to be completely honest, i had no idea what a montage was until i watched the videos. even after reading the description, i still couldnt get it. NOW I GET IT HAHAHA. i think it’s so beautiful, i’ve always wondered in cinemas, how a movie can make me feel so many things at once, and a montage just keeps the audience attention and it sort of brings people on a ride in my opinion. now i can add a new word in my vocab when i hit the cinemas, ‘OH THAT WAS A MONTAGE’ ooo hahahahaha. out of all, i must say i loved UP and watching it again, I still love it. their love story is so beautifully crafted, and somehow you identify with the characters through the montage and i felt so sad when she died. sniff.

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