The Odessa sequence lives on in many “quotations” from films that followed.

Take a look. Some are quite funny.



  1. I like the “Untouchable”‘s parody of the scene! It has more thrill by adding the sound of the baby carriage been falling off from the stairs and love the (some sort of)hommage of the glasses lady by making a glasses man been the victim which the enemy guy seize at the end of the scene.

  2. NAKED GUN WAS SO FUNNY. and the Joshua movie was just creepy. D:

  3. its pretty amazing how that one scene- the Odessa sequence managed to inspire the writing and films of so many directors up till now, even Starwars paid homage to the scene. i found the video clip to be amazingly interesting as how directors of different times repeated and used that very sequence in so many different ways yet keeping the basis of thE Odessa steps alive. there were a few films where the ‘shot in the eye’ became very fake, the blood didnt even look like blood. i loved the parody of the odessa steps in peter segal’s film; i found it extremely hilarious how there were 4 baby carriages falling instead of just one and the man who caught the babies that were flying started juggling them ahahahahaha. i actually googled the film ‘Joshua’ after watching that sequence, it’s one of those demon child shows that are so famous nowadays.

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