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Editing (montage) is juxtaposition + tempo. The elements are:

  • Subject
  • Frame composition (horizontal, angled, vertical, etc)
  • Camera Angle
  • Shot duration
  • Shot rhythm
  • Transitions between shots.
Write about Dziga Vertov‘s use of these elements in the montage of the first eight minutes of The Man With A Movie Camera. You can focus on particular sequences and shots. Don’t try to write about the whole segment.
Then, relate what you have analysed to Vertov’s statement in the beginning of the film.
This film is an experiment
in cinematic communication
of real events
Without the help of intertitles
Without the help of a story
Without the help of theatre
This experimental work aims at creating a truly international language
of Cinema based on its absolute separation
From the language of theatre and literature
How does he Vertov create a “truly international language”. Why does he reject the traditional elements of narration, theatre, and the “language of theatre and literature”? What does all this have to do with Marxist theory?

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