3 Dud


It looks as if 3D is going to be obsolete before it is even state-of-the-art. Sometimes, huge amounts of money get wasted on technological fads that pop and fizzle.

3D had another brief moment during the early 1950’s. It didn’t catch on.

It was a gimmick then, it’s a gimmick now. Glad it’s on its way out.



5 comments on “3 Dud

  1. What’s wrong with 3-D ? I think it adds texture to a movie. . . if you know what I mean

    • Well, I dont like 3D. The glasses they give you that you have to wear makes me feel uncomfortable and the fact that it is slightly darker with it on, it makes me sleepy! D: I NEVER SLEEP DURING A MOVIE and just today, I watched Thor in 3D and I was dozing off! Thank goodness I went to the toilet to wash my face. Otherwise, I would’ve blown my 15 bucks!

      • AGREEEEE!!! The glasses makes me sleepy and after watching it, my headaches just too much…sometimes i feel like Im drunk!!lol
        So sometimes when my friends booked a 3D movie…I watch it without glasses lol. Plus, the glasses are not clean at all!! Its a bit blur….

  2. But, but I thought 3D is getting more popular lately!? Especially with the introduction 3D TVs and also Nintendo 3DS?

    Disclaimer: I am not a fan of 3D movies.

  3. lol, you guys. i like 3d shows!!! but i have to agree that it isnt advisable to watch shows in 3D if you’re having a headache or if your eyes hurt. that, or the 3D glasses they give in Malaysian cinemas kinda suck. but i find certain 3D shows entertaining, especially animated ones

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