On May 1, 2003, President George W. Bush landed on the U.S. aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln and declared to the world that the Iraq War was over. He flew the plane with the aid of a Navy Pilot and landed in a flight suit. He then “switched costumes: and delivered the famous “Mission Accomplished” speech.

You might notice some similarity to a film we’ve just watched.

Coincedence, do you think?



  1. Wow! It seems that Bush watched “Triumph of The Will” and was inspired by the first 8 minutes of the film! Like the movie, Bush seems to land using an U.S. aircraft and could be seen as a savior, not only to Americans but also to the whole world, as a person who has ended the Iraq War. His entrance was indeed over-dramatic and looks very much staged. I am pretty sure he could have just as well given the speech at the White House rather than at the port. Also, the title of his speech “Mission Accomplished” was rather nonsensical because if he was very sure that they won, why on earth are the U.S. army still in Iraq till this very day?

    • no way man – it had to be the port. think about it, he looks super cool in a flight suit. TOTAL IMPRESSION of HEROISM. all he’s missing now is some ROCKY music playing in the background. haha

  2. the whole plane landing and being greeted by supporters definitely beared resemblance to Hitler’s arrival in Triumph of the will. I would have to say though that his speech didnt have as much POWER as compared to hitlers, it wasnt as dramatic and he didnt move his hands as much ahahahahaha

  3. Too bad Bush couldn’t imitate Hitler’s badass moustache .

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