In 1994, the Malaysian government banned the Steven Spielberg movie about the holocaust, Schindler’s List. Later, they allowed the film to be shown, but only after major cuts were made.

Given the reasons Schindler’s was banned, should Night and Fog have been shown at Taylor’s University?

What is your response?

Do comment.



  1. I personally think that it should be allowed! However, there should be viewer discretion and the movie be shown only for educational purposes. Sometimes, we need to learn about the harsh reality that is us – human beings and what we do or did in order for us to learn and progress. If the Malaysian government were to ban all movies that have violence and nudity, they are also banning education to a certain extent. In some cases, there are some of us who do not learn about the holocaust until we begin our education at colleges or universities.

  2. the reason why malaysia is looked at as a country that’s ‘slow’ and underdeveloped compared to other countries is because they choose to censor everything, and sometimes, when u try to keep something away from people, people tend to want it even more. if people wanted to watch the show, they could still find it on the web even if it was banned in msia. i think it should be shown but ppl have the choice on whether they want to watch it or not and if theyre going to censor eveything, there really isnt much point of allowing the airing anyway, and like what Jon said, by continuously banning everything deemed ‘sensitive’, it’s making people more and more ignorant.

  3. I certainly agree with Jonathan and Samantha that educational movies as such should not be banned in Malaysia. If the government continues to ban movies that portray holocaust scenes, it just proves that the government is very much close minded and have decided to ignore the entire chunk of the world history. This is why we Malaysian are often being seen as a laughing stock in the arena of world politics. Some may say that movie containing nudity is banned in Malaysia because of the Islam religion. However, surprisingly enough, if you were to look at other Middle-Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, those movies were not banned at all. Hence, it can be said, that our government uses religion as a way to escape from answering their irrational actions.

  4. I also agree that it should not be banned in Malaysia as it is what really happened in the world and it is also a phenomenon that can repeat in certain ways in many areas. I think that this segregation and the overpowering can also occur in brutal ways in our part of the world as well. So by observing the film and learning something from this can help us to step up. I also think that if we continuously ignore what happened in the past, we will only repeat the same mistake without learning anything.

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