Here is the IMDB link to Night and Fog.

Here is the link to the United States Holocaust Museum, for more information on the history of the death camps.

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  1. After watching Night and Fog, only one question kept running through my mind.. The question being “How can one human being be so cruel to another human being?” At first I thought since the Holocaust happened around the 1940’s, people weren’t much educated and hence don’t think very rationally. However, I soon begin to realize, that even we who live in the 21st century, seem to condone to violence too. If we don’t like another country, we would declare war and take away innocence lives in the name of war. This cycle hasn’t seemed to have stopped ever since man kind ever existed. For example, the Israeli–Palestinian which can traced back to the late 19th century, has been on-going till this very present day.. And today, people around the world all stand united with the stand that whatever Hitler and his Nazi gang did in the past were wrong. But, are we any better than Hitler and the Nazis? That is one interesting question that we all should ponder on…

  2. I couldnt agree more, I actually felt really angry throughout the movie. and germany was supposed to be this really advanced country at that time no? correct me if I’m wrong. I just didnt understand, how eventhough put in such circumstances of being in so much debt due to the war, how can a bunch of human beings treat other people like dirt, literally they treated them like dirt. its so disgusting, and yea wars are happening now but though mankind still remains selfish, I think people have grown to not deal with things with such violence anymore, at least not to the extent of what happened during holocaust. I still dont understand something though, they got EVERYONE to get into the train and be transported to the camps or only the Jews and those they planned to exterminate?

  3. Well, Samantha, I suppose Germany was really advanced and at par with other European countries and that is why they were brave enough to against the Allies (U.K.,France and Russia) during WW1. As for your question about the train, the Nazi’s got the Jews, minorities like the Gypies, people from the countries that they conquered (Poland), disabled people and also homosexuals (immaterial whether they were Germans or not). The only people spared were healthy German who fought the war. The Nazi’s idea were to create a “clean” and superior race that should rule all mankind. Hope that helps.

  4. OHHH thanks man. one thing i liked about the whole film though, was that it was constructed in a way that made people think. it wasnt JUST a documentary but it was in a way showing the world how cruel people can be and it was those films that at the end, people just go wow, this shoudnt happen again ya know.

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