Even more than the Academy Awards, the Cannes Film Festival is the most important gathering of film-makers, talent, and distributors on the planet. It is very glamorous and very prestigious. And the “Palme”D’Or” (Golden Palm) is awarded every year by the jury to the top film.

At this year’s festival (going on right now). Lars Von Trier, a very well-known and controversial Danish director, stated at a press conference that he sympathized with Hitler and called himself a Nazi?

This is a video of his remarks.

Were these remarks offensive or not?

Note the body language of Kirsten Dunst, sitting by his side.


3 comments on “NAZI AT CANNES

  1. This guy is hillarious! His hesitations plus confidence really made the interview enjoyable to watch, and Kristen Dunst’s reaction, PRICELESS.

    I think that i am in no position to say that i felt what he said was true or false, but if i were in kristen dunst’s position i would definately feel uncomfortable, but i would laugh at the same time. Because the way he said it, straightforward.
    i think he felt he went overboard when he said “how can i get out of this question”.

    in my opinion, it’s not really an offensive remark, but there will be people who would find this very offensive or find this very humorous, it’s just, well, humans.

    • I agree to your comment.Kirsten Dunst’s reaction is in fact PRICELESS.She looks so uncomfortable throughout his speech.I think for a certain group of people,what he said might be offensive while some will not take it into consideration. After all the term “Nazi” for a certain group of individuals is still considered a “sensitive topic” just like the historic event when there was a mass murder of Malays killing Chinese and Indians during the WW2 if i’m not mistaken. The topic is not to be spoken of in public if not the police would arrest you (so i’m told). Anyways back to the clip, he clearly shows that he’s afraid the people would take what he said the wrong way that’s why he kept trying to explain it over and over again until he’s lost for words. 🙂

  2. danish sense of humor! i love it

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