Here is the IMDB link. Feel free to comment on the film any way you want.

Would it have been better in color?



  1. NO! IT SHOULD BE IN BLACK AND WHITE! When watching the film, it somehow grasps one’s attention and makes you appreciate the art of filmography more! Nowadays, most of us take color and graphics for granted and as we continue to watch more and more movies that are released, we are easily bored. The older black and white films are what films nowadays lack – a good storyline. However, it is understandable as time goes on, the number of stories one can create and write decrease.

  2. i think people are affected differently when a film has colour and when it’s black and white. thinking back, IF the film was in colour, alot of the scenes would have affected me personally in a different way. there was a part where the camera shot right at his face and somehow together with the background music, it gives off this tense feeling in the air, and I think that if that exact scene was shot with colour, it wouldnt have given off such a strong effect. of course, if it was shot in colour, it gives off a modern feel to it but it doesnt seem as disturbing/scary.

  3. In my opinion, I neither think that it was better in colour,or it was better in black&white for this movie. It might be because the cinematography of the movie is quiet favourable and its historical movie so somehow i felt the familiarity with other historical colour movies around 1950s-60s(eg:The Bridge of Kwai River,somehow it reminds me of this while I was watching and others) , and not like the “trip to the moon” which was obvious that it was made before colour.

    With or without colour does does affect the outcome of the movie, but personally I dont think it really does. It all depends on the movie setting(Scenes,clothing,songs,fashion,props,year it was shooted etc).
    Some movies like chaplin and trip to the moon has distinct settings which are obviously classic and it is better off in black & white. Some movies like avatar or movies set after 2000s are better off with colours(“In search of midnight kiss” tried to do movies in black and white but it just look like they turned the colour off with simple application and it does not look good)
    But movies like Occurrent at owl creek bridge,and many other great films, they look great in both ways because it is timelessly set(historical movie which set before film came) as well as it was made in 1960s which it was in the middle of the change to colour films so there’s a sense of familiarity in other films made that time which make it not too weird to be both ways.

    I think of the movie as great work of cinematography and direction(sound effect,music). Eventhough without any dialogues,by watching it I can roughly imagine how the novel was written and described in the scene. The ending was really shocking as I was expecting the protagonist to die in a different way that I’ve imagined. Also,watching this felt like a dream,as I was believing all the imagination he was thinking in his head although there was alot of bizarre things like the rope was too long,the gun never get shots,but after the ending it was eye opener and finally I understand the answer to the bizarre things.

    • Im so sorry.I made the miss statement in this comment.

      In 1960s the movie wasnt in the time of period where it was in change of black to colour.(it happened around way before!)
      However, my thoughts about the reason why I dont feel it is not really different from the colour or monochrome because I see similarity with other movies with colour around that time does not change.

      Also,about saying that films in black&white looks weird if the setting is around 2000s,but I feel it is weird if it is either Sci-Fi(not classic Sci-Fi,but with special effects) and set after 1970s when things start getting even more modernized and computers and other pop cultures come in. May be because the Hollywood classic image is stuck in my head that it feels uncomfortable for me to see something not really “classy” is in monochrome.
      But these are all my personal opinion at the end :)!

  4. I think that to me it doesn’t matter whether the film is in colour or in black and white or not.cuz it’s the storyline that matters most isn’t it?i mean if you have a great story which is in black and white in the end it’s still a great movie.whereas if a lousy story in colour,no matter how colourful it is,it’s still a lousy story at the end of the day.and to me the background music also plays an important role in this film as it also controls one’s emotions along with the story.I find the music that they have in the background is well synced with the scenes. They can control one’s emotions and it worked well with the environment that we watched it in—total darkness in the classroom.I can actually feel that the environment actually magnifies my feelings towards the scenes throughout the film.

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