Friday’s screening will be of two powerful short films. Each one is about 30 minutes long.

The first thing I want you to do is observe yourself in the role of audience as you watch each film.

After each film, I will ask you to write down notes on your own reaction as part of the specific audience in the specific place, at the specific time you watched. You will have about 20 minutes for each film. Please write quickly.

Points of observation:

  • How did your emotional experience change through the screening? Was there ever a physical manifestation of that emotion (squirming, tensing up, etc.)?
  • At what points, specifically did your reaction change? What was the most powerful change?
  • What specific points in the film were your actual emotional reactions  connected to? When did you laugh? When did you want to laugh (but didn’t)? When did you cry? When did you want to cry (bud didn’t)? When did you get angry? When did you lose attention, or become bored? When were you shocked or surprised? Again, note the specifics of each film that caused you to change your emotional reaction.
  • What were your specific thoughts? Where in each film did they come? What were your questions?
  • At the end of each film, how did you feel and why? What ideas came into your head? Did the feelings and ideas connect?
  • How did the fact that you were a member of this specific audience (ADP class) effect your reactions. Do you think they would have been different if you watched the film in an audience of strangers, or alone at home?
  • Hours later, what remains of the film in your mind and heart?
Over the weekend, turn your notes about ONE of the films into a personal essay of from three to five paragraphs.

8 comments on “ET 2: YOURSELF AS AUDIENCE

  1. Hi Mr Rey,

    I have already done my personal essay and posted it on my blog. I don’t know how else to notify you except through posting a comment on your blog, so here it is! 🙂

    I chose the first essay. Be sure to check it out!

    Happy reading!

  2. here is my URL and is about “An Occurruence at Owl Creek Bridge.”

  3. Hi Sir! Sorry for the late upload of my essay. I’m not sure whether have you received a notification on my post but to be on the safe side i’ll just leave a note here to inform you. Thank You! 🙂

  4. sry i put my one again. i don’t know how to upload a post with comment T.T

  5. sry i put my one again. i don’t know how to upload a post with comment T.T

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