Malaysian Film Censorship

Interesting article by Shannon Shah comparing today’s Malaysian censorship guidelines with those of the United States a half century ago.

This is the Hayes Code, which was in effect in the US from 1930 to 1968.



2 comments on “Malaysian Film Censorship

  1. I’ve read the first article and I’m sure that censorship itself is restricting people and directors from conveying their thoughts and ideas but only to certain individuals. Movies like “Sepet” are very straightforward with the idea of interracial relationships but it is only accepted because the director was of the majority of the races. If someone from a minority race were to direct a show like that, I’m sure that they would be caught and restricted from making films in the future. Maybe we should just ban censorship and have a pre-warning or an age restriction if it were to be shown publicly.

  2. I agree with Jon on this. “Sepet” was filmed in a different style than what Malaysians are used to when it comes to local movies. It is, as a matter of fact, one of the best local movies ever made and yet it raised controversial issues such as corruption of culture. I’m not really saying censorships should be banned completely but it’d be more sensible to keep it to a minimum and of course, be provided with pre-warning and age restrictions, as Jon said.

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