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Tim Heathrington’s “Diary” — amazing.

Tim Hetherington, the Co-Director and cinematographer of Restrepo died in Libya, doing his job, practicing his craft, capturing the reality of war.

This brief film sums it all up. It bears a direct connection to themes we will be dealing with in FILM 101. Watch it. We will discuss it in class.

Sebastian Junger, wrote this moving letter to his dead friend.


One comment on “Tim Heathrington’s “Diary” — amazing.

  1. i have to admit though, I dont really understand the significance of the cloth shots, I’ll watch it again to get it. he died shooting this in Libya? wow. I liked how some of the shots were from different points of views and how they were also shot from different angles. he managed to capture certain parts of what really goes on during war and I think for me, it hit somewhere inside towards the end, especially the shots where you SEE fellow libyan soldiers threatening their own people and you can see the pain and fear on the Libyan’s faces. for me, that was a powerful element needed to spread awareness.

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