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Critical Analysis Guidelines

  • You must post five short (3 to 5 paragraph) critical essays over the course of the semester.
  • Each one will deal with a particular sequence, issue, or topics from one of the films we watch.
  • You will be able to find specific sequences on You Tube.
  • Each essay will count for five points, so this requirement covers 40% of your grade.
  • In each essay, you must come up with a coherent critical synthesis/thesis.
  • The following is a set of guidelines to help you. Don’t deal with every topic. Pick out a few that are significant to you and base your essay on them.
  • Grammar and spelling will be counted in your grade.
  • You can revise the essay any time to correct grammar and spelling errors.
Critical Analysis

Narrative Elements: What is the story? What are the elements of storytelling?
  • Story:
  • Plot Structure:
  • Non-Diagetic Elements:
  • Characters:
Stylistic Elements: How is the story made into a  film?
  • Camera Technique (Cinematography)
  • Acting
  • Mis en Scene
    • Sets/locations
    • Costumes
    • Lighting
    • Camera Placement and movement
    • Other elements
Post-Production Elements:
  • Editing (Montage)
  • Sound
  • Music
Ideological/Thematic Elements: What are the ideas and themes expressed in the work?
Objective of film; intended audience. What kind of audience is the film intended for? Does it succeed in reaching its audience?
YOUR CRITICAL SYNTHESIS/THESIS What are the most important elements to you? What are your critical ideas?

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